AURA Natural Pet

In-Home Canine Massage Therapy Services for Chicago

ura Natural Pet provides canine massage therapy, energy work services and all-natural pet products to Chicagoland while giving back the the animal rescue community.

Rates & Services

 Erin working on Buster, 16 year old Chow mix

Erin working on Buster, 16 year old Chow mix

Session Information
The length of each session is determined by your dog although they typically last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. Depending on your pets specific needs, one or both therapies will be incorporated into each session. The Introductory Session (your first session) will last approximately one hour and will include a meet and greet, assessment massage, and a discussion on your pets medical and behavioral history in addition to the massage. We also offer a One-on-One Session in which we will have an Introductory Session during the first part and in the second part teach you a combination of low stress handling, touch and massage techniques specific to your dog's needs that you can implement into your wellness care regimen. Please note that massage therapy and reiki are not considered a replacement for veterinary care. All services are done in the convenience of your home! Additional travel fees may apply. 

One-on-One Session (approx 120 minutes): $150
60 minutes: $90
30 minutes: $55

A portion of all session fees will be donated to the BIALY'S WELLNESS FOUNDATION.

Erin is also a human reiki practitioner. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. 


ATTENTION RESCUES!!! All dogs available for adoption from accredited rescues are eligible for FREE sessions! Discounted rates available for recently adopted dogs and fundraising opportunities are always available. Please CONTACT US for more information. 


Please note information on this site is for educational purposes only. Our products and services are not a substitute for regular veterinary care. AURA Natural Pet, LLC promotes healing and contributes proven health benefits that complement traditional veterinary care. Because no two dogs are alike, when using our products, we recommend performing a skin patch test under the arm to ensure no sensitivities or reactions occur.