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In-Home Canine Massage Therapy Services for Chicago

ura Natural Pet provides canine massage therapy, energy work services and all-natural pet products to Chicagoland while giving back the the animal rescue community.


BIALY. Bialy was found as a stray just before Christmas 2012 - Secondhand Snoots Rescue took her in and Lucida Puppy Fund sponsored her veterinary care. She had a stab wound in her neck and a fracture in her T11 vertebrae (was put in a splint for 7 weeks). Bialy's back legs were completely rigid and would not bend. The first vet Bialy saw said she would never walk again because she had little to no voluntary reflex. Erin  fostered her and began performing up to 3 hours of massage daily. After about two weeks if dedicated massage therapy Bialy started to move her back leg. She then was making progress on almost a daily basis so the splint was removed and the neurologist cleared her for rehab.
- Erin & Will



EDELWEISS. Over the past year Edelweiss started to walk slower, his back legs would tremor and he tripped often.  After a series of x-rays and a visit with an orthopedic specialist, I was happy to find out that Edelweiss did not suffer hip dysplasia or arthritis.  His muscles were very tight, and, together with our vet decided that we did not want to start Edelweiss on any medications for now, but to try massage therapy.  Erin has been working with Edelweiss for over 1 month now, and the results are phenomenal.  Edelweiss can rise without struggling; he can take longer walks without stopping, his legs show no signs of tremors, and he has not tripped at all.  He actually found his ball for me to throw and he loves to run and retrieve it!  Erin Kowalski possesses the knowledge and expertise of canine massage.  She can assess and determine the animal's needs, and her massage technique is proven each and every session.
- Terry & John


GINGER. Our rambunctious 11 year old Wheaten Terrier Ginger often refuses to act her age. Last year when she over exerted herself leaping off the window sill and over the couch, Erin was able to heal Ginger within two sessions.

Erin has a remarkable knowledge of canine anatomy and was able to explain in detail what was putting the brakes on our energetic "puppy". Most importantly Erin put us at ease with her calm demeanor and gentle affection for Ginger. It is very obvious that not only is Erin very talented but she has a strong empathy for animals in need and compassion and dedication to their healing in her heart.
- Jon & Katrina


 JAK. Jak was lucky enough to be in foster care with Erin for almost two months. In addition to prepping him for his future home with obedience training Erin also focused on Jak's puppy energy and acclimated him to touch. Although I didn't meet Jak when he first came into rescue, I can tell her devotion to him and his well being has molded him into the puppy I fell in love with and adopted. She generously has shown me massage and touch techniques that I can practice at home to calm Jak down. I am grateful for the love and energy Erin put forth and know that any dog in her hands is a lucky one. 
 - Monica



NUGGET. CLICK HERE TO READ AN AMAZING TESTIMONIAL to what love, compassion, and a team approach can accomplish.


STEWIE. My bulldog Stewie recently underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL.  Both before and after his surgery, Erin worked with Stewie to relieve the swelling that accumulated due to his injury and to improve his range of motion.  Stewie loves his massages with Erin.  (I know because he told me).  She is incredibly gentle with him, and her effective skills have allowed him a better range of movement as he works through his recovery from this surgery.  He looks forward to working with her and always has more energy afterward.  I recommend her highly! 


Please note information on this site is for educational purposes only. Our products and services are not a substitute for regular veterinary care. AURA Natural Pet, LLC promotes healing and contributes proven health benefits that complement traditional veterinary care. Because no two dogs are alike, when using our products, we recommend performing a skin patch test under the arm to ensure no sensitivities or reactions occur.